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Finding Our Way Home

A combination of psychoanalytic and humanistic psychotherapy to help individuals fully embrace who they are, find freedom, heal, and thrive.

My Invitation to You

Welcome, I am glad you’re here! The clients that I work with are typically seekers and curious by nature. They are wanting more fulfillment in life, more clarity in a time of uncertainty and more serenity in a stressful world. They are individuals who, despite their best efforts, find themselves frustrated, overwhelmed, and/or disheartened when trying to achieve their goals, working through a loss or navigating life’s unique challenges. They want to disrupt repetitive patterns within themselves or in their relationships. They sometimes find themselves exhausted by trying to “fix themselves” in a culture that is constantly telling us that we are not enough.

Given enough time, our bodies, minds and spirits naturally call us to something more. The individuals I work with suspect there is more to life than the “exhaustion culture” we live in but not sure what that is, how to get there, or how to break free from that conditioning. Still others, are wondering why they haven’t been able to move beyond a trauma, loss or cycle. In our work together, my intention is to offer support as you navigate your unique set of circumstances and help you uncover your own wisdom within. I believe we all have an innate “knowing” that calls us home to ourselves. I hope to inspire you towards your unique healing while offering tools to get you there.  I believe we choose each other with regard to this work. Sometimes, it is longer-term and other times, it is brief. Either way, I love the mutual respect, exploration, and presence that comes from showing up for ourselves in this process. Let’s set up a time to answer your questions and see if working together could be beneficial for you. I look forward to connecting. 

Carla Signture
What I Offer

Practice focus areas:



Grief and loss

Grief and loss

Narcissistic abuse recovery

Narcissistic abuse recovery

Relationships to self and others

Relationships to self and others

Identity exploration

Identity exploration

(racial, sexual, cultural, ancestral, etc.)

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20 year journey of personal healing

About Me

Carla Peraza, MS, LMFT

My pronouns are she/her/hers. I am a cis-female, bisexual, first-generation Latina, and single mother to a magical and extraordinary nonbinary pre-teen who affectionately calls me a “hippie”! I was raised in the suburbs about 30 minutes north of Manhattan but have called North Carolina my home since 2007.

Why Choose Me

My Approach

For me, the therapeutic process is collaborative and alive. I am naturally a very curious, compassionate and empathetic person. I am interested in learning your story and what you want to accomplish during our work together. My intention is to create and hold space for you. 

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(919) 200-0026

“On this path let the heart be your guide.”


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